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Universal Prayer

In every lingual expression of Earth, Nature is adressed as Mother. She cares for us and nurture her many children, the plants, Animals and Human beings. Whatever of her many names we adress her with, be it Mata, Pachamama, Maika Priroda or Hare. She will be that same caring Mother sustaining us with her lifegiving elements, The seedgiving father , Husband of Mother nature, has been given different names aswell in different mystical traditions, but he is one. Javhe, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Viracocha or Pachakamak are all unique expressions of faith, invoking our common source.

When the love between Mother and father expand, so do their family into more children. The purpose of the cooexistance of us all is for us to learn to resiprocate with that universal love, like responsible brothers and sisters.

The greatness of this allembracing family no mind could estimate!

We rather celebrate it with gratefulness and love. Let us celebrate that we are all parts of something so valuable.


And so we pray together in heart.
inspired by the love that unites usĀ 
all the variety we embody
increases the beauty of our world Family
Simple values expanded to include all
tolerance, humility and trust

Oh my Lord, let me be an instrument of your Love.

Oh you most dear to the infinite enchanter
this sinner longs for your service far above.
Only this Krishna, your beloved Krishna
You alone can grace me with his love

Queen of Vrindavana, so much love for you has Rama
I have come to you now begging for your grace.
Because his love for you is endless he never denies your wishes
Yours is my soul in eternities embrace


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